Welcome to the technical web site of the Reef DB application.

Reef DB (BD Récif in french) aims to manage data on Coral reef. It is used in particular in Indian Ocean by french institutes (Ifrecor, Ifremer, MNHN).




  • Under Window, click on file reefdb.exe.

  • Under linux, launch the file reefdb.sh.

First use

When first used, the application starts and displays the screen of management of the bases of work. Just install a database via the action Install. The last available database will then be downloaded and installed.

This operation can be long (download time): be patient.

Note: It is also possible to restore a database from a zip file via the action Restore.

Need help ?

To be in the use of the screens of the application, refer to the user manual (french).

In case of a technical problem, contact the the support of the Quadrige² administration team.


  • Main entry screen: