Installation (App)

The SUMARiS App is a client software connecting to any SUMARiS Pod:

Install on a mobile device (Android)

  1. To install the last stable release:

  2. To install a pre-release (unstable builds):

    • On your mobile device, visit this page:
    • Choose a version, then open the “assets” section;
    • Download the APK file (a file with the extension .apk);
    • Open the APK file, and start the installation wizard (WARN: sometimes, you will need to uninstall the previous installed version)
  3. That’s it !

    After opening the App, select the right Pod (database) and login, as explain in the user guide.

Install on a desktop computer (web forms)

  1. Download the last ZIP archive at:;
  2. Unzip the downloaded archive anywhere;
  3. Open the files ìndex.html in a web browser (Firefox or Chome);
  4. That’s it !

    You will need to select a Pod, as explain in the user guide.