DaLi - Release history

Historique des versions publiées

Version Date Description
6.2.0 2022-05-09 Stable Release
6.1.3 2022-04-08 Stable Release
6.1.2 2022-04-01 Stable Release
6.1.1 2022-03-24 Stable Release
6.1.0 2022-03-03 Stable Release
6.0.4 2021-11-02 Stable Release
6.0.3 2021-07-01 Stable Release
6.0.3-RC1 2021-06-28 Release candidate
6.0.2 2021-06-21 Stable release
6.0.1 2021-06-09 Stable release
6.0.0 2021-05-22 Stable release
5.2.2 2020-08-28 Stable release
5.2.1 2020-07-29 Stable release
5.2.0 2020-07-10 Stable release
5.1.4 2020-05-04 Stable release
5.1.3 2020-03-13 Stable release
5.1.2 2020-03-12 Stable release
5.1.1 2020-02-19 Stable release
5.1 2020-02-07 Stable release
5.0.2 2020-01-21 Stable release
5.0.1 2020-01-15 Stable release
5.0 2019-12-24 Stable release
4.7 2019-09-20 Stable release
4.6 2019-09-13 Stable release
4.5 2019-09-06 Stable release
4.4 2019-08-30 Stable release
4.3 2019-08-02 Stable release
4.2 2019-07-25 Stable release
4.1 2019-07-08 Stable release
4.0 2019-06-24 Stable release
3.3 2019-06-07 Stable release
3.2 2019-05-17 Stable release
3.1 2019-05-07 Stable release
3.0 2019-04-12 Stable release
2.6 2019-04-09 Stable release
2.5 2019-04-03 Stable release
2.4 2019-03-22 Stable release
2.3 2019-03-15 Stable release
2.2 2019-03-08 Stable release
2.1 2019-03-01 Stable release
2.0.1 2019-02-26 Stable release
2.0 2019-02-22 Stable release
1.9.2 2018-11-23 Stable release
1.9.1 2018-10-22 Stable release
1.9 2018-10-17 Stable release
1.8 2018-10-10 Stable release
1.7 2018-09-21 Stable release
1.6 2018-09-14 Stable release
1.5 2018-06-29 Stable release
1.4 2018-06-15 Stable release
1.2 2018-05-18 Stable release
1.1 2018-04-19 Stable release
1.0 2018-03-22 Stable release
0.15 2018-02-20 Stable release
0.14 2018-02-09 Stable release
0.13 2018-01-29 Stable release
0.12 2018-01-12 Stable release
0.9 2017-11-17 Stable release

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Release 6.2.0 – 2022-05-09

Type Changements Par
Add Various enhancements from Quadmire evolutions ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 6.1.3 – 2022-04-08

Type Changements Par
Fix Skip control rules with qualitative-numerical precondition. Corrige 58417. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 6.1.2 – 2022-04-01

Type Changements Par
Fix Reload UI when import done. Corrige 58243,58244. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 6.1.1 – 2022-03-24

Type Changements Par
Add Upgrade quadrige3-core to 3.7.7 ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 6.1.0 – 2022-03-03

Type Changements Par
Add Upgrade quadrige3-core to 3.7.6. Corrige 55336,57695. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 6.0.4 – 2021-11-02

Type Changements Par
Add Upgrade quadrige3-core to 3.7.5 ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 6.0.3 – 2021-07-01

Type Changements Par
Add Upgrade quadrige3-core to 3.7.4 ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add new user manual for FR locale (Manuel_utilisateur_DALI_v1.2.pdf) ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 6.0.3-RC1 – 2021-06-28

Pas de changement dans cette version

Release 6.0.2 – 2021-06-21

Type Changements Par
Fix Upgrade quadrige3-core to 3.7.3. Corrige 55621. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 6.0.1 – 2021-06-09

Type Changements Par
Add Upgrade quadrige3-core to 3.7.2. Corrige 55594. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 6.0.0 – 2021-05-22

Type Changements Par
Add Upgrade quadrige3-core to 3.7.1. Corrige 55336. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 5.2.2 – 2020-08-28

Type Changements Par
Fix Upgrade quadrige3-core to 3.6.18. Corrige 52755. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Save context and extractions only if persistence is loaded. Corrige 52727. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix AbstractOperationMeasurementsGroupedTableUIHandler.removeIndividualMeasurements: unselect rows before delete them. Corrige 52738. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix After saving observation, keep its id in context. Corrige 52824. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Update i18n. Corrige 52829. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 5.2.1 – 2020-07-29

Type Changements Par
Fix Upgrade quadrige3-core to 3.6.17. Corrige 52676,52677. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Change unvalidation actions flow to prevent UI blocking. Corrige 52468,52672. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Grouped measurements: Don't save an unmodified initialized row. Corrige 52658. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix HomeUI: Don't refresh nested UI if save action is called from a change screen action. Corrige 52661. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Remove leading and trailing spaces on survey name. Corrige 52677. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Map: Zooming control refactored for better fluidity. Corrige 52670. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 5.2.0 – 2020-07-10

Type Changements Par
Fix Upgrade quadrige3-core to 3.6.16. Corrige 52459. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Allow to open allowed values dialog on a non editable control rule ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Change behavior of skipping survey measurements control. Corrige 52518. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add new transcribing item type to allow unit translation. Corrige 52327. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Extraction: The geographical association is correctly duplicated with the extraction filter. Corrige 52363. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add About panel: the url used in about text is now the configured one: dali.site.url. Corrige 51213. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Change regex for SURVEY_POSITION_LAT_MAX to handle complex geometry like MULTILINESTRING. Corrige 52519. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add DuplicateSurveyAction: Change message and buttons. Corrige 52404. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Grouped measurements: automatic calculation and saving into parent beans has been replaced by unique function executed at observation saving. Corrige 52401. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Grid initialization is now capable to resume a previous initialization. Corrige 52403. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Photo import can select multiple files. Corrige 52402. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Set default pmfm column min width. Corrige 52362. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add multiline edition dialog for operation's grouped measurement tables. Corrige 50223. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Save Contexts and extractions at application close. Corrige 52386. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add ProgramsUI: Add fullscreen mode for location/appliedStrategies table and pmfmStrategies table. Corrige 52356. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Surveys table state is now saved by selected program in selection panel. Corrige 52357. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Check data update before unvalidate surveys. Corrige 52361. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Remove leading and trailing whitespaces on sampling operation label input. Corrige 52526. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Extraction: add monitoring location order item code and name. Corrige 52360. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Home: Reset selection (campaign,program,location) on context change and no filter applied. Corrige 52561. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Home: Adjust vertical proportion. Corrige 52610. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 5.1.4 – 2020-05-04

Type Changements Par
Fix DaliStrategyDao: Change the way to delete pmfm strategies without hibernate. Corrige 51602. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Map: change symbolizer order for location with line geometry. Corrige 51902. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Table with pmfm columns is correctly reset after a save action. Corrige 51850. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Upgrade quadrige3-core to version 3.6.15 ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 5.1.3 – 2020-03-13

Type Changements Par
Fix Upgrade quadrige3-core to version 3.6.13. Corrige 51493. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 5.1.2 – 2020-03-12

Type Changements Par
Fix Upgrade quadrige3-core to version 3.6.12. Corrige 51371,51311. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Better FixedTable state (save/restore) handling. Corrige 51311. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Rules: auto loading of single selection reworked. Corrige 51471. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 5.1.1 – 2020-02-19

Type Changements Par
Add Set sampling operation label column in the fixed table Grouped measurement footer calculator reworked for handling the fixed table. Corrige 50230. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Upgrade quadrige3-core to version 3.6.9 (use configurable splash screen) Launcher is upgraded to version 2.1 (remove fixed splash screen). Corrige 50149. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Upgrade quadrige3-core to version 3.6.9 (new SurveyInterceptor behavior for file import). Corrige 51105. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 5.1 – 2020-02-07

Type Changements Par
Fix Upgrade quadrige3-core to version 3.6.7. Corrige 50112,49683,50455,49959,49034,49949,50209. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix ControlRuleTableUIHandler: adjust preconditioned qualitative values double list size. Corrige 50643. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Missing or bad i18n. Corrige 47936,50208. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Update title on context change. Corrige 49930. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Don't force the analyst column at the last column. Corrige 49939. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Add sampling department from strategy on one added sampling operation. Corrige 49600. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Searching a location with a name will now use transcribed name. Corrige 49923. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add 2 columns on extraction (complete mode). Corrige 50151. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Up the max memory option to 1300Mb. Corrige 49942. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 5.0.2 – 2020-01-21

Type Changements Par
Fix Upgrade quadrige3-core to 3.6.4. Corrige 50584. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Update CHANGELOG. Corrige 50518. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 5.0.1 – 2020-01-15

Type Changements Par
Fix Upgrade quadrige3-core to 3.6.3. Corrige 50370. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Update CHANGELOG. Corrige 50323. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Minor refactoring ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 5.0 – 2019-12-24

Type Changements Par
Add Adapt Dali for Postgres central database (use of quadrige3-core 3.6.1 and jdbc-synchro 4.2.3). Corrige 49006. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 4.7 – 2019-09-20

Type Changements Par
Fix Fix ReloadCurrentScreenAction. Corrige 48956. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Change import/export file type for contexts and filters for better compatibility and file size. Corrige 43800. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Dali-Converter : separated module for converting contexts/filters file from old version of Dali to new file type. Corrige 48940. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Update i18n. Corrige 49001. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Changing language causes memory leaks, now the application is fully restarted. Corrige 49004. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 4.6 – 2019-09-13

Type Changements Par
Add Remove the 's' of PMFMUs or PSFMUs. Corrige 48837. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Reset synchro widget after checking server availability. Corrige 48842. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix PhotoUI: change controls state update. Corrige 48828. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix PhotoUI: last removed photo stayed in screen. Corrige 48884. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix The cache has been reworked. Corrige 48911. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 4.5 – 2019-09-06

Type Changements Par
Add Refactor photos UI. Corrige 48755. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix A PropertyChangeListener on context was not removed on SurveysTableUIHandler Some minor refactoring to reduce memory leaks. Corrige 48757. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Fix bad behavior if one of the transcribing label is missing Fix bad 'group by' clause for createBaseTable. Corrige 48759. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Move comment editor to quadrige3-ui-swing-common ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 4.4 – 2019-08-30

Type Changements Par
Fix Set photo directory in synchro configuration even if photo option is disabled, mandatory on deletion. Corrige 48534. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Disable the photo export action on non existing file. Corrige 48535. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add The data export will always process photos to prevent file inconsistencies. Corrige 48536,48479. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add A photo can be downloaded directly from server if not already synchronized by data import. Corrige 48582. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add an highlight border on fullscreen button. Corrige 48586. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix File export options was hidden by photo option. Corrige 48602. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Stop using OLD directory to keep old versions of modules. Corrige 48682. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Qualitative value names were not transcribed in non aggregated extractions. Corrige 48699. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Use referential transcribing in extraction if exists. Corrige 48701. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 4.3 – 2019-08-02

Type Changements Par
Fix Enable photo on this import if export has photo enabled. Corrige 48477. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix With new HttpService from quadrige3-core 3.5.2, the HTTP error 503 is handled correctly. Corrige 48486. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Enforce programs, rules and campaigns UIs to be read-only until synchro server responds. Corrige 48447. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Update es_ES i18n. Corrige 47819. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 4.2 – 2019-07-25

Type Changements Par
Fix Try to deleting a forbidden campaign will not remove the line. Corrige 48115. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add In programs and rule lists UIs, opening the 'add' elements screen open the generic SelectFilterUI, and show already selected elements but not removable. Corrige 47998. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix ObservationUI: Restore detectors after save (report from ReefDb). Corrige 48255. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Change default columns order on surveys table. Corrige 48308. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Add icons on programs, campaigns and rule lists menu items. Corrige 47942. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Don't finish remote save action if it has been aborted. Corrige 48235. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Change measurements table full screen button place and use the new ToggleButton component. Corrige 48241. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Use the new quadrige3-ui-core-common module with many model refactoring ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 4.1 – 2019-07-08

Type Changements Par
Fix Fix alphanumerical comparison, now it allows infinite number of numerical pattens and alphabetical suffixes. Corrige 47859. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Saving remote referential now checks server availability in all conditions. Corrige 47847. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Renaming PMFM (PSFM) to PMFMU (PSFMU). Corrige 48008. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add In programs and rule lists UIs, opening the 'add' elements screen now open the generic SelectFilterUI (instead of specific UI), and show already selected elements. Corrige 47933. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add The sampling operation's measurements table can be set as full screen. Corrige 47931. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add control on modify/delete a applied period and throw specific exception when attached data are attached to the period (locally and remotely). Corrige 48011. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Show an 'unavailable' image when a photo is absent from file system. Corrige 48020. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Campaigns: add control on user rights on campaign deletion. Corrige 48010. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Fix unit tests ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 4.0 – 2019-06-24

Type Changements Par
Add Add configuration tab to manage cartography options Add new base map: OpenTopoMap, CartoBase Voyager and MapTile Satellite fixed user agent for OSM based service WMS Sextant removed for Pseudo-Mercator compat. Corrige 47772. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add photo synchronization Refactor ImageViewer: Add a full screen view and fix some issues. Corrige 47677. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.3 – 2019-06-07

Type Changements Par
Add Merge new i18n. Corrige 47568. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Synchro optimization patch regression fix (in quadrige3-core 3.3.5). Corrige 47552. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Use a alphanumeric comparator to handle better ergonomic sort of labels in tables. Corrige 47541. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Fix program UI layout problem (but nothing modified btw). Corrige 47537. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add current configuration options on About UI. Corrige 47428. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Warn user correctly when synchro server is unavailable on opening programs or rule lists UI, and before saving changes. Corrige 47532. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add transcribing for taxonomic levels and status. Corrige 47626. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add unit in pmfmu referential selection screen. Corrige 47627. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Use hermetic programs correctly in extraction. Corrige 42817. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Minor ergonomic changes. Corrige 47634. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Pmfm strategies cache was called twice when opening a survey. Corrige 47714. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.2 – 2019-05-17

Type Changements Par
Add Add transcribing for parameter code and quality flag. Corrige 47330. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Change sum line header color. Corrige 47353. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Strategy DAO: Use location from cache to have transcribed name. Corrige 47429. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Location and applied strategies table is fully renew. Corrige 47426. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Restore missing es_ES i18n key. Corrige 47396. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Extraction: latitude and longitude are numbers now. Corrige 47397. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Add missing i18n key dali.common.file.csv. Corrige 47393. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Change change locale action UI behavior (in quadrige3-ui-swing-common). Corrige 47372. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.1 – 2019-05-07

Type Changements Par
Add Add action and components to show numeric totals on measurements tables (only sampling operation grouped table). Corrige 47118. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Remove fallback locale from transcribing configuration. Corrige 47129. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Show transcribed label of a parameter as tooltip. Corrige 47110. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Code refactoring on table and pmfm columns handling ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Set default transcribing item types. Corrige 44575. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add/updates i18n and images for en_GB and es_ES. Corrige 47154. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Clear other system caches. Corrige 47076. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Set extraction default file prefix in i18n. Corrige 47143. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Remove too strong inactive state on pmfm's table in control rules screen. Corrige 47018. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Refactoring PMFM selection menu. Corrige 47034. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Extraction type 'LitterAnalyst' has been removed. Corrige 47220. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add transcribing for monitoring location. Corrige 47219. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Ignore survey measurements on control after save (from HomeUI) to prevent error on calculated measurement, and set default analyst to calculated measurements. Corrige 47285. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Warn the user when enter programs or rules UI if there is referential update. Corrige 46969. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add new user manual for FR locale (Manuel_utilisateur_DALI_v1.1.pdf). Corrige 47305. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.0 – 2019-04-12

Type Changements Par
Add Add es_ES language Add options for transcribing labels Add transcribing names of some referential entities Add transcribed sampling equipments for extraction Add possibility to use localized image (eg. saisie_fr_FR.jpeg) Clean i18n properties Change i18n configuration to filter out imported keys. Corrige 44575. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 2.6 – 2019-04-09

Type Changements Par
Fix Upgrade quadrige3-core to 3.0.0 to obtain the new Updater that process the configuration (instead of DataUpdaterCallBack) Upgrade dali-ui-swing-launcher to 2.0 to allow the execution of the Updater coming from a new version of the application. Corrige 46888. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 2.5 – 2019-04-03

Type Changements Par
Fix refactoring FilterUI: add scroll pane to allow low resolution screen to see all controls. Corrige 46824. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 2.4 – 2019-03-22

Type Changements Par
Fix Don't throw an exception at configuration initialization if this option is not provided by config file, warn only and use user timezone. Corrige 46555. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix The unit of RulePmfm was not saved. Corrige 46211. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Refactoring Preconditions to Assert methods ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix HomeUI: Keep the forceNoFilter flag on each row to avoid loose the unfiltered value. Corrige 46655. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix The geometry of survey was not copied to the sampling operation if changed. Corrige 46654. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Programs management: When selecting a program and the current program is dirty, the save action executed by the CheckModelAction behavior won't do a second search. Corrige 46633. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add PMFMU decoration with id, the id is put at the end of the string. Corrige 46672. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 2.3 – 2019-03-15

Type Changements Par
Fix Remove default value of option dali.persistence.db.timezone because it happened that applicationConfig remove it since ${user.timezone} = Europe/Paris Throw an exception at configuration initialization if this option is not provided by config file. Corrige 46390. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Change preconditioned control rule message when invalid. Corrige 46365. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add pmfmId column (hidden by default) in programs, rules, filters screens. Corrige 46371. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add blocking error on an applied strategy if an analyst has been set without pmfm strategies. Corrige 44055. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Fix an NPE in filters abstract handler. Corrige 46445,46426. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Fix i18n. Corrige 46448. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Perform a save action indirectly (eg. when selection combobox has changed by user) leads to a UI hang. Corrige 46443. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Reset the newCode flag in service was not enough, reset also in actual table rows. Corrige 46454. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Remove unparsable i18n characters for csv bundle. Corrige 44575. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 2.2 – 2019-03-08

Type Changements Par
Fix Duplicate a strategy was not reliable since the auto selection of program. Corrige 45873. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Change operation creation buttons dynamic. Corrige 44554. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Force stop cell edition before go to next cell, to allow table model to activate the next cells. Corrige 44038. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix When clearing a strategy period, check surveys inside this strategy and warn the user if he can't delete it. Corrige 43965. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Fix behavior when restoring session state of a table, the target column position is now processed in correct order. Corrige 45506. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Clear preconditions when the pmfms are not valid. Corrige 42773. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add taxon group and taxon in extraction filters. Corrige 44546. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add taxon group and taxon in extraction results. Corrige 44552. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add measurements analyst and comment in extraction results. Corrige 44970. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Save and restore name and comment from home UI to saved filter. Corrige 46304. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 2.1 – 2019-03-01

Type Changements Par
Add Add program filter in rules UI. Corrige 44567. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Fix bad behavior on an modified survey when selecting another survey. Corrige 45515. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Fix removing extraction date rows. Corrige 45512. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Set sampling operation depth unit only if depth, min depth or max depth exists. Corrige 45002, 45753. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Get previous validation comment from history when validating a survey. Corrige 45569. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add taxon citation after the label in UI. Corrige 45567. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Operation size value can have 7 decimals, size unit is mandatory if size value is set. Corrige 45563. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Taxon groups are filtered by 'Identification' type only. Corrige 45150. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Link between taxon groups and taxons are calculated at input date, not at survey date. Corrige 45151. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix The taxonGroup and taxon column are highlighted only if filled. Corrige 44713. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 2.0.1 – 2019-02-26

Type Changements Par
Fix Fix synchronization problem with PMFMU. Corrige 46165. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 2.0 – 2019-02-22

Type Changements Par
Add upgrade quadrige3-core to 3.2.2 : migrate model to manage PMFMU. Corrige 45004. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Jaxx css file renamed to jcss to prevent real css file type detection Some refactoring on local dates ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 1.9.2 – 2018-11-23

Type Changements Par
Fix Configuration option dali.site.url was transient. Corrige 43117. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add user manual. Corrige 43117. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Program code was not read-only. Corrige 44246. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 1.9.1 – 2018-10-22

Type Changements Par
Fix Analyst department was not saved in home screen. Corrige 42782. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Extraction PMFM was duplicated in ExtractionConfigUI. Corrige 44115. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Change modality type of SynchroDuplicatesUI dialog. Corrige 44112. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 1.9 – 2018-10-17

Type Changements Par
Fix Don't filter survey on program hermetic property if survey has no program. Corrige 43941. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Bad query result handling in getAnalysisDepartmentByAppliedStrategyId. Corrige 44016,44019. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 1.8 – 2018-10-10

Type Changements Par
Fix Catch correctly the SaveForbiddenException on programs and rule lists save actions. Corrige 43643. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Change behavior of applied strategies UI to perform a good deletion of applied period. Corrige 43233. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix The PMFM order in extraction configuration screen was wrong. Corrige 43748. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Measurement grid initialization screen addancements. Corrige 43653. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Rules UI now use better rights of controlled programs. Corrige 43645. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Control rule table now checks min max values. Corrige 43744. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix i18n fix. Corrige 43631. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Deffer ActionUI visibility in event queue. Corrige 43642. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Better rule list and rule code duplicates check with insensitive case. Corrige 43754. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add previous quality flag on survey unvalidation. Corrige 43826. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Put the pmfm outside a strategy at the end in extraction. Corrige 43695. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 1.7 – 2018-09-21

Type Changements Par
Add The analysis department of a PmfmStrategyDTO has been moved to AppliedStrategyDTO. Corrige 43505. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Extracted field 'Long_Fin_dd' not well-formed. Corrige 43425. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Speed up extraction process by removing heavy join condition when lot of data selected ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Modify the default file name for extraction. Corrige 43418. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Add scroll pane in extraction UI. Corrige 43416. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Modify ergonomic of PmfmPresetUI. Corrige 43414. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Limit survey selection to parameterized maximum for map render. Corrige 43539. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Non managed programs in rule list UI can be selected. Corrige 43421. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add On auto search action on single result criteria (entity combobox) will also select the element in the table. Corrige 43118. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Missing status property when saving rule list. Corrige 43550. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Bad date picker component used in rule list table. Corrige 43551. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 1.6 – 2018-09-14

Type Changements Par
Fix Rework of QualitativeValue factorizations algorithm, in grid initialization, measurement inline input and result extraction. Corrige 43279. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add option dali.measurements.gridInitialization.maxCombinationCount (default=1000) to limit factorized combinations. Corrige 43379. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Bad object to clone in filter duplication. Corrige 43152. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add legend on map. Corrige 43128. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Minor i18n and configuration option changes. Corrige 43111. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Set UIManager option : OptionPane.isYesLast to invert dialogs buttons order Use new FileChooserUI that inverts buttons positions regarding the OptionPane.isYesLast UIManager option. Corrige 43121. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Bad table model option in AddOperationTableUI. Corrige 43114. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add The department list is mandatory in rule list. Corrige 43100. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Bad behavior if program filter is set without period filter. Corrige 42823. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add auto search action on single result criteria (entity combobox). Corrige 43118. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 1.5 – 2018-06-29

Type Changements Par
Add Allow Qualitative value name sorting with addanced sorting comparator. Corrige 42541. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Set recorder department on data only and only if not already set. Corrige 42614. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add The analyst department is now required on each measurement. Corrige 42617. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add The department hermetic property on a program is no used to filter surveys depending on current user. Corrige 42609. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Change dropdown menu on program UI. Corrige 42567. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Bad geometry check with area location. Corrige 42564. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Multiple ergonomic changes. Corrige 42546. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Automatic area calculation. Corrige 42640. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 1.4 – 2018-06-15

Type Changements Par
Fix Synchro: import of huge amount of data fixed by Quadrige3-Synchro-Server 3.1.11. Corrige 42337. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 1.2 – 2018-05-18

Type Changements Par
Fix Extraction: fix bad behavior on combination id generation. Corrige 41989. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add New date picker component on every screens. Corrige 41876. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Bad handling of qualitative value associations management. Corrige 41992,41993,41964. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 1.1 – 2018-04-19

Type Changements Par
Fix Extraction : Remove not so reliable Combination hashCode, now use an unique combination index. Corrige 41398,41399. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add UI: On tables, mandatory columns have now an error visualisation when empty value. Corrige 40752. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add web site refactored. Corrige 39553. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 1.0 – 2018-03-22

Type Changements Par
Fix Extraction : Combination hashCode reviewed for better uniqueness. Corrige 40566. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Extraction : Allow 1 level of combination. Corrige 40754. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Extraction : Add simple and complete extraction type (without aggregation) like ReefDb does. Corrige 40978. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Extraction : Delete empty file. Corrige 40285. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Programs are now fully imported, no more deletion of programs without write rights for current user Program service now correctly filter the authorized list for user. Corrige 40522. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Pmfm strategies are now listed and sorted by rank order ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Rule list deletion is now supported for non saved rule lists ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Rule list duplication fixed. Corrige 40662. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Rule deletion fixed. Corrige 40589. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Rule list: don't ask duplicated code twice. Corrige 40662. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix PmfmPresetUI : fix preferred size. Corrige 40756. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Columns with error or warning are forced to be visible in sampling operations table and measurements tables. Corrige 40752. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix In sampling operation grouped measurements table, the preconditioned values now accepts correctly n-n relations ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Disable field validation on observation screen loading. Corrige 40575. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Change unused component background color Hide survey measurements table is no pmfm detected. Corrige 40984. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add configuration option to use the new DateCellEditor2. Corrige 40767. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Survey synchronization status cell updates correctly after a save. Corrige 40769. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add ProgramSelectUI refactoring to prevent unwanted server access. Corrige 40965. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Change all JDialog constructors (in jaxx files) to prevent bad owning of dialog. Corrige 40967. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Force focus on first empty name in operations table. Corrige 40749. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Validation and qualification comments are now correctly readonly but button editor still active. Corrige 40994. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Fix bad Program screen refresh after a save (or update from server) could prevent problem related to Mantis #40972. Corrige 40972. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add ExportToCSVAction on all referential tables. Corrige 40977. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 0.15 – 2018-02-20

Type Changements Par
Fix ADMIN role has been removed from UI. Corrige 39436. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Regression: Area geometry restored (MonitoringLocation). Corrige 40640. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Default tooltips restored and resizable dialogs added. Corrige 40477. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Rule list: actual department not added by default. Corrige 40474. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Extraction: no more error when no survey measurements. Corrige 40480. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 0.14 – 2018-02-09

Type Changements Par
Fix Map problem when table sorting. Corrige 40222. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Better use of taxon names cache. Corrige 40327. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Extraction: before performing extraction a data update check is performed. Corrige 40290. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add rule preconditions administration screen. Corrige 40184. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix ADMIN role has been removed from some service pre-authorization. Corrige 39439. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 0.13 – 2018-01-29

Type Changements Par
Add Change message when concurrency change when saving programs/rule lists/campaigns. Corrige 39547. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Qualified data are now synchronized. Corrige 39454. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Modify simple extraction format. Corrige 39558. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add control distance in configuration UI. Corrige 39913. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Control data handling. Corrige 39368. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Modify authority level on save programs and rule lists. Corrige 39436. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Extraction: clear (after user confirms) extraction parameter if program and/or dates modifies the PMFM list. Corrige 39350. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Extraction: add import and export. Corrige 39327. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Check user rights after the import step of the export action. Corrige 39506. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add a validation UI for (non table) components. Corrige 39914. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Change 'taxon by referent id' cache loading. Corrige 39367. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add a map view from SurveyDetailsTabUI. Corrige 39912. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Many improvements in map. Corrige 39433,39424. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 0.12 – 2018-01-12

Type Changements Par
Add Update Quadrige Core to quadrige3-core 3.0.0 ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 0.9 – 2017-11-17

Pas de changement dans cette version