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Release History

Version Date Description
3.8.6 2023-06-29 Stable Release
3.8.5 2023-04-26 Stable Release
3.8.4 2023-04-13 Stable Release
3.8.3 2023-04-05 Stable Release
3.8.2 2023-03-23 Stable Release
3.8.1 2023-03-02 Stable Release
3.8.0 2023-01-13 Stable Release
3.7.17 2022-12-09 Stable Release
3.7.16 2022-09-20 Stable Release
3.7.15 2022-09-02 Stable Release
3.7.14 2022-07-29 Stable Release
3.7.13 2022-07-22 Stable Release
3.7.12 2022-07-08 Stable Release
3.7.11 2022-06-24 Stable Release
3.7.10 2022-06-10 Stable Release
3.7.9 2022-05-25 Stable Release
3.7.8 2022-05-06 Stable Release
3.7.7 2022-03-24 Stable Release
3.7.6 2022-03-03 Stable Release
3.7.5 2021-11-02 Stable Release
3.7.4 2021-07-01 Stable Release
3.7.3 2021-06-18 Stable Release
3.7.2 2021-06-09 Stable Release
3.7.1 2021-05-22 Stable Release
3.6.18 2020-08-28 Stable Release
3.6.17 2020-07-29 Stable Release
3.6.16 2020-07-10 Stable Release
3.6.15 2020-05-04 Stable Release
3.6.14 2020-04-07 Stable Release
3.6.13 2020-03-13 Stable Release
3.6.12 2020-03-12 Stable Release
3.6.11 2020-03-06 Stable Release
3.6.10 2020-02-27 Stable Release
3.6.9 2020-02-19 Stable Release
3.6.8 2020-02-14 Stable Release
3.6.7 2020-02-07 Stable Release
3.6.6 2020-02-06 Stable Release
3.6.5 2020-01-24 Stable Release
3.6.4 2020-01-21 Stable Release 2020-02-06 Maintenance Release 2020-02-05 Maintenance Release
3.6.3 2020-01-15 Stable Release
3.6.2 2020-01-10 Stable Release
3.6.1 2019-12-20 Stable Release
3.6.0 2019-10-03 Stable Release
3.5.6 2019-09-20 Stable Release
3.5.5 2019-09-13 Stable Release
3.5.4 2019-09-06 Stable Release
3.5.3 2019-08-30 Stable Release
3.5.2 2019-08-02 Stable Release
3.5.1 2019-07-25 Stable Release
3.5.0 2019-07-13 Stable Release
3.4.2 2019-07-08 Stable Release
3.4.1 2019-06-28 Stable Release
3.4.0 2019-06-24 Stable Release
3.3.7 2019-06-07 Stable Release
3.3.6 2019-06-05 Stable Release
3.3.5 2019-05-29 Stable Release
3.3.4 2019-05-17 Stable Release
3.3.3 2019-05-15 Stable Release
3.3.2 2019-05-07 Stable Release
3.3.1 2019-04-12 Stable Release
3.3.0 2019-04-05 Stable Release
3.2.10 2019-04-03 Stable Release
3.2.9 2019-03-29 Stable Release
3.2.8 2019-03-26 Stable Release
3.2.7 2019-03-22 Stable Release
3.2.6 2019-03-15 Stable Release
3.2.5 2019-03-08 Stable Release
3.2.4 2019-03-01 Stable Release
3.2.3 2019-02-26 Stable Release
3.2.2 2019-02-22 Stable Release
3.2.1 2018-11-16 Stable Release
3.2.0 2018-11-09 Stable Release
3.1.23 2019-02-15 Stable Release
3.1.22 2019-02-05 Stable Release
3.1.21 2019-01-25 Stable Release
3.1.20 2019-01-11 Stable Release
3.1.19 2018-10-17 Stable Release
3.1.18 2018-10-09 Stable Release
3.1.17 2018-10-02 Stable Release
3.1.16 2018-09-27 Stable Release
3.1.15 2018-09-21 Stable Release
3.1.14 2018-09-14 Stable Release
3.1.13 2018-07-05 Stable Release
3.1.12 2018-06-29 Stable Release
3.1.11 2018-06-15 Stable Release
3.1.10 2018-06-06 Stable Release
3.1.9 2018-06-06 Stable Release
3.1.8 2018-06-05 Stable Release
3.1.7 2018-05-24 Stable Release
3.1.6 2018-05-18 Stable Release
3.1.5 2018-04-19 Stable Release
3.1.4 2018-04-18 Stable Release
3.1.3 2018-03-27 Stable Release
3.1.2 2018-03-22 Stable Release
3.1.1 2018-03-09 Stable Release
3.1.0 2018-02-27 Stable Release
3.0.4 2018-02-20 Stable Release
3.0.3 2018-02-09 Stable Release
3.0.2 2018-01-26 Stable Release
3.0.1 2018-01-12 Stable Release
3.0.0 2018-01-10 Stable Release
3.0.0-RC17 2018-01-10 Not Deployed Release
3.0.0-RC16 2017-12-13 Stable Release
3.0.0-RC14 2017-12-07 Stable Release
3.0.0-RC13 2017-12-01 Stable Release

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Release 3.8.6 – 2023-06-29

Type Changes By
Fix Upgrade jdbc-synchro to 4.2.16 Force MOR_PERIOD primary keys order. Fixes 62457. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.8.5 – 2023-04-26

Type Changes By
Fix Upgrade jdbc-synchro to 4.2.14. Fixes 61817. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.8.4 – 2023-04-13

Type Changes By
Fix Upgrade jdbc-synchro to 4.2.13 Same version as 3.8.3 but built with JDK 1.8.0_362. Fixes 61817. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.8.3 – 2023-04-05

Type Changes By
Fix Raise db cache value. Fixes 61719. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.8.2 – 2023-03-23

Type Changes By
Add specific QualificationHistoryInterceptor internal interceptors to handle multiple object types. Fixes 61544,61561. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.8.1 – 2023-03-02

Type Changes By
Fix Upgrade Wicket library from 7.0.0 to 7.18.0: Fix Palette component. Fixes 61284,61341. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.8.0 – 2023-01-13

Type Changes By
Add Add UPDATED_ITEM_HISTORY to keep information of reference taxon change. Fixes 60491. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.7.17 – 2022-12-09

No changes in this release.

Release 3.7.16 – 2022-09-20

No changes in this release.

Release 3.7.15 – 2022-09-02

No changes in this release.

Release 3.7.14 – 2022-07-29

No changes in this release.

Release 3.7.13 – 2022-07-22

No changes in this release.

Release 3.7.12 – 2022-07-08

No changes in this release.

Release 3.7.11 – 2022-06-24

Type Changes By
Add Update jdbc-synchro to 4.2.10 ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.7.10 – 2022-06-10

Type Changes By
Fix Schema Client: Reorder PK_PMFM_APPLIED_STRATEGY with APPLIED_STRAT_ID,PMFM_STRAT_ID. Fixes 58856. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.7.9 – 2022-05-25

Type Changes By
Add Various enhancements on model and dao to follow Quadmire evolutions ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.7.8 – 2022-05-06

Type Changes By
Add Various enhancements on model and dao to follow Quadmire evolutions ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.7.7 – 2022-03-24

Type Changes By
Fix Various fixes for Synchro ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.7.6 – 2022-03-03

Type Changes By
Add Model refactoring. Fixes 55336,57695. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.7.5 – 2021-11-02

Type Changes By
Add Upgrade jdbc-synchro to 4.2.8 ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.7.4 – 2021-07-01

Type Changes By
Add Allow different Postgis schema ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.7.3 – 2021-06-18

Type Changes By
Fix Revert Rename sequence for pgsql. Fixes 55621. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.7.2 – 2021-06-09

Type Changes By
Fix Rename sequence for pgsql. Fixes 55588. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.7.1 – 2021-05-22

Type Changes By
Add Upgrade model to 3.3.0. Fixes 55336. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.6.18 – 2020-08-28

Type Changes By
Fix StringGenericCellEditor renamed to StringCellEditor and refactored to handle first edition properly. Fixes 52755. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix DatePickerCellEditor and LocalDatePickerCellEditor now hides popup when a different cell is selected ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.6.17 – 2020-07-29

Type Changes By
Fix NumberEditor from JAXX refactored for better BigDecimal type handling. Fixes 52676. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.6.16 – 2020-07-10

Type Changes By
Fix QualitativeValuesCombinationValidator: allow bidirectional combination validation to avoid missing allowed values. Fixes 52459. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add context and extraction directories in configuration options. Fixes 52386. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Pgsql: jdbc schema is now correctly used by DataSource ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.6.15 – 2020-05-04

Type Changes By
Fix db-changelog-3.2.0 for postgres : rename misspelling primary key ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.6.14 – 2020-04-07

Type Changes By
Fix Force a combobox selected value when underlying value is null. Fixes 51731. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Minor refactoring ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.6.13 – 2020-03-13

Type Changes By
Fix Fix bad FixedSwingTable behavior. Fixes 51493. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.6.12 – 2020-03-12

Type Changes By
Fix Allows columns in fixed table to be resized and saved in swing session. Fixes 51311. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.6.11 – 2020-03-06

Type Changes By
Fix Add client side of Mantis #48011: Add control on modify/delete a applied period and throw specific exception when attached data are attached to the period. Fixes 51371. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.6.10 – 2020-02-27

Type Changes By
Fix Change EIS nexus url ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Unit test reworking for oracle and postgresql ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Postgresql: Liquibase refresh step will replace faulty functions ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix FileChooser: fix empty result on save dialog when cancelled. Fixes 51224. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.6.9 – 2020-02-19

Type Changes By
Add ImportShapes: adapt DAO for Postgres. Fixes 51112. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add ImportShapes: add launch_avec_param.bat. Fixes 47304. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add a configurable splash screen. Fixes 50149. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix SurveyInterceptor: unique constraint detection adjusted for file import. Fixes 51105. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.6.8 – 2020-02-14

Type Changes By
Add SwingTable: Add a fixed table on left side to mimic fixed columns (like row number, selection checkbox, and all other application columns). Fixes 50230. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Rework FileChooser to handle multiple file selection. Fixes 50115. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.6.7 – 2020-02-07

Type Changes By
Fix SurveyInterceptor: remove the unique constraint check NATURAL_IDC. Fixes 49683. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.6.6 – 2020-02-06

Type Changes By
Fix Change EIS nexus url ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Upgrade xmlquery to version 1.1. Fixes 49970. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Upgrade jdbc-synchro to version 4.2.6 ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Encode character # in resource processing. Fixes 50455. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Missing or bad i18n. Fixes 49034. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix PhotoInterceptor: don't try to delete file on import from file (especially on changes reading which is a read-only operation). Fixes 49959. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add FilteredNumberEditor component (replacement of org.nuiton.jaxx.widgets.number.NumberEditor) that handles text input filtering. Fixes 50209. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.6.5 – 2020-01-24

Type Changes By
Add Add an afterViewInit() event called after an UI has been added to the main frame ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix SwingTableSessionState now can save and restore pmfm column widths ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.6.4 – 2020-01-21

Type Changes By
Add Upgrade jdbc-synchro to 4.2.5 Upgrade common-parent to 3.0.9 Site refactoring ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix ExportPkRemoteIdInterceptor: convert the pk from any type of Number to Long. Fixes 50543. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release – 2020-02-06

Type Changes By
Fix Missing number conversion in some synchro interceptors. Fixes 50884. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release – 2020-02-05

Type Changes By
Fix Magicdraw-plugin: remove the integrity violation check on quserIntranetLg which forced the attribute no be not null. Fixes 50884. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.6.3 – 2020-01-15

Type Changes By
Add Move MDA generation to 3 new modules under quadrige3-mda: quadrige3-mda-server-oracle, quadrige3-mda-server-pgsql and quadrige3-mda-client-hsqldb Adapt quadrige3-core-server and quadrige3-core-client to gather all dbms specific model from mda ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix HttpServiceImpl: fix bad behavior on http error handling ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Change detection on applied periods to remove Fix Postgres triggers on delete Fix table names always in uppercase in interceptors. Fixes 50370. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Checking duplicates on survey on export now handles the survey itself to avoid false positive. Fixes 50383. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.6.2 – 2020-01-10

Type Changes By
Add Upgrade jdbc-synchro 4.2.4 for Oracle stability ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix CacheServiceImpl: restore from commit 59f4d6cc3f6019e5dde654182c90db6d05e9c01e. Fixes 49361. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.6.1 – 2019-12-20

Type Changes By
Add Use jdbc-synchro 4.2.3 with new option quadrige3.synchro.tempQueryParameter.generated (works only with Postgresql dbms) Adapt ReferentialSynchroService and DataSynchroService to use typed SynchroService (remove use of delegate context) Model server (pgsql): temp_query_parameter no more created if missing; add some indexes (assuming no index already existing); execute analyse after each changelog Model client (hsqldb): adjust some column type. Fixes 49006. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.6.0 – 2019-10-03

Type Changes By
Add Model refactoring version 3.2.0 (Oracle and HSQLDB OK). Fixes 47437. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add support for Postgresql 10+. Fixes 49006. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.5.6 – 2019-09-20

Type Changes By
Add Update i18n. Fixes 49001. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Update i18n. Fixes 49003. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Changing language causes memory leaks, now the application is fully restarted. Fixes 49004. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.5.5 – 2019-09-13

Type Changes By
Fix Revert ehcache version to 2.5.7 (last stable version before Terracotta licence) Remove blocking cache mode (no performance issue). Fixes 48911. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.5.4 – 2019-09-06

Type Changes By
Fix Refactor JDatePicker and JLocalDatePicker to prevent memory leaks Change how UIs are destroyed : Correctly call onCloseUI() on each UI child Dialogs are also destroyed correctly (maybe twice but it's ok). Fixes 48757. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Move comment editor from Dali and ReefDb to quadrige3-ui-swing-common ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.5.3 – 2019-08-30

Type Changes By
Fix Set photo directory in synchro configuration even if photo option is disabled, mandatory on deletion. Fixes 48534. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add new rest method to download a photo. Fixes 48582. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Stop using OLD directory to keep old versions of modules. Fixes 48682. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.5.2 – 2019-08-02

Type Changes By
Fix Manage the 503 http error as a technical exception to avoid HttpClient. Fixes 48486,48447. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Update es_ES i18n. Fixes 47819. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Upgrade jdbc-synchro to 4.2.0 (built with java 8 and include updated es_ES i18n) ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.5.1 – 2019-07-25

Type Changes By
Fix LoginUI: Add a small delay to prevent too fast event on Enter key. Fixes 48304. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix LoginUI: Remove 'enter' mapping on close because Swing propagate it in other components. Fixes 48378. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Change fixed items color in double-list component. Fixes 47998. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add a toggle button component with different text, tooltip and icon when selected. Fixes 48241. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Refactoring database actions, use uncompress with progression ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.5.0 – 2019-07-13

Type Changes By
Add new module quadrige3-ui-core-common dedicated to regroup all common objects, daos and services from ReefDb and Dali This first version contains QuadrigeBean, BaseReferentialDTO, StatusDTO at least to begin refactoring ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Change login behavior on ENTER key pressed. Fixes 47698. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.4.2 – 2019-07-08

Type Changes By
Fix Fix alphanumerical comparison, now it allows infinite number of numerical pattens and alphabetical suffixes. Fixes 47859. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add a toggleFullScreen method to set a panel as body content. Fixes 47931. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Renaming PMFM (PSFM) to PMFMU (PSFMU). Fixes 48008. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add control on modify/delete a applied period and throw specific exception when attached data are attached to the period. Fixes 48011. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Don't stop import if a photo is missing in file system. Fixes 48020. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add missing new configuration options in default synchro-server.config. Fixes 47973. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Change the progression handling (use a long value instead of an int) ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Downloading file size was limited to integer max value ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Configuration of compatible programs is faster and fail-safe ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix use org.springframework.orm.hibernate4.HibernateTransactionManager instead of org.springframework.jdbc.datasource.DataSourceTransactionManager to ensure auto commit set to false on transaction and rollback correctly on exceptions ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.4.1 – 2019-06-28

Type Changes By
Fix Refactoring AbstractTableUIModel and Handler to fix a issue on event order when deleting a row Use more Java 8 features ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.4.0 – 2019-06-24

Type Changes By
Add - Add Photo synchronization with multi-upload (use quadrige3.synchro.export.data.file.maxUploadSize to set the chunk size) - Model: Add SURVEY_ID, SAMPLING_OPER_ID ans SAMPLE_ID in table PHOTO (with indexes and new trigger TBIU_PHOTO) - Refactoring Files and Zip utility classes for performance issue - Add some progression on file copy and zip operations - Replace java.io.File by java.nio.Path when possible. Fixes 47677. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Remove EhCache access from CacheManager, Spring cache manager already owns it ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Add new tests and fix some existing unit tests ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Fix problem with setFocusOnCell method on read-only (or partially) row ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.3.7 – 2019-06-07

Type Changes By
Fix Set dimension to LoginUI. Fixes 47634. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.3.6 – 2019-06-05

Type Changes By
Add Merge new i18n. Fixes 47568. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Revert changelog logicalFilePath because Liquibase execute them if this property change. Fixes 47655. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.3.5 – 2019-05-29

Type Changes By
Add Modify TAXON_MEASUREMENT comments. Fixes 47288. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Synchro optimization patch regression fix. Fixes 47548. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.3.4 – 2019-05-17

Type Changes By
Fix Change change locale action UI behavior. Fixes 47372. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.3.3 – 2019-05-15

Type Changes By
Fix Replace RULE_PRECONDITIONS view to filter out numerical control rules. Fixes 47302. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add StringIterator now handles preferred prefix. Fixes 47245. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add New AlphaNumericComparator to handle better sorting behavior on table. Fixes 47377. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Add show/hide row numbers on every table. Fixes 47376. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Keep selected additional state actions in SwingTableSessionState. Fixes 47352. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Upgrade ehcache-core 2.6.11 to ehcache 2.10.6 ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Model: set Rule.ruleDc.length to 2000 ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Swallow some swing exceptions ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.3.2 – 2019-05-07

Type Changes By
Add Add action and components to show row number of a table. Fixes 47123. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Model: add unique key on TRANSC_ITEM_TYPE_LB. Fixes 47052. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add/updates i18n for en_GB and es_ES. Fixes 47154. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Refresh authentication text to reflect locale change (eg. performed in Dali). Fixes 47023. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Adapt TranscribingItemInterceptor to handle option quadrige3.synchro.import.referential.transcribingItemType.label.includes with SQL LIKE operand (eg. DALI%). Fixes 47143. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.3.1 – 2019-04-12

Type Changes By
Add Add es_ES language Clean i18n properties. Fixes 44575. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.3.0 – 2019-04-05

Type Changes By
Fix Configuration update is now made by quadrige3-ui-updater to avoid configuration options loose, caused by DataUpdaterCallBack.updateDoneConfig(). Fixes 46826. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix quadrige3-ui-updater reworked to avoid IOException on directory copy ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.2.10 – 2019-04-03

Type Changes By
Fix Add new HttpService to handle REST/download/upload requests with a single http client. Fixes 46797. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Fix some i18n. Fixes 46798. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.2.9 – 2019-03-29

Type Changes By
Fix Shape import: Set monitoring location creation date only if null. Fixes 45094. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Open the zip file with default encoding IBM437 to allow reading file entries with accented characters. Fixes 45096. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Shape import: Use cp1252 encoding to read correctly special characters in dbf file. Fixes 46705. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Shape import: Low the tolerance of remove_duplicate_vertices function to prevent gtype changes (cf. trigger TBI_FIX_GEOM_MON_LOC_AREA). Fixes 46706. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.2.8 – 2019-03-26

Type Changes By
Add Model server: Add column WSSANDRE_JOB_LOG to WSSANDRE_JOB table. Fixes 46467. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.2.7 – 2019-03-22

Type Changes By
Add Now the buttons disappear on click to prevent an unwanted action. Fixes 45566. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix The unit was missing from the RulePmfmVO and DAOs. Fixes 46211. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Refactoring Preconditions to Assert methods ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Database backup/restore refactored to include additional files and directories Backup is now perform by the HSQLDB BACKUP statement, no need to stop db first anymore. Fixes 46657. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.2.6 – 2019-03-15

Type Changes By
Add Synchro-server: Restore configuration button on home page add some enhancements The compatible program list is retrieved by the application and store it locally in quadrige3.synchro.program.codes option. Fixes 45566. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Prevent a index out of bounds exception in BeanDoubleList component. Fixes 46377. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Fix addAll and removeAll buttons behavior on ExtendedBeanDoubleList. Fixes 46356. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Unwrap Oracle connection for SDOGeometry conversion. Fixes 46477. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Remove unparsable i18n characters for csv bundle ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Begin to replace Preconditions by Assert ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.2.5 – 2019-03-08

Type Changes By
Fix Change database migration message. Fixes 46199. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Propagate the program codes selected fot data import into synchro history service, for logging purpose. Fixes 45801. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Import from synchro file: Filter the rejected surveys with same remoteId in destination. Fixes 45779. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add an option to AbstractCellSelectionAction to force stop editing the current cell before performing the action. Fixes 44038. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Fix default behavior when restoring session state of a table, the target column position is now processed in correct order. Fixes 45506. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Add default decorator in comparator's column. Fixes 46262. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Change connection pool for 'quadrige3.synchro.server.datasource.type=oracle' now using HikariCP instead of native Oracle connection ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.2.4 – 2019-03-01

Type Changes By
Fix Fix BeanDoubleList behavior on multiple selection/deselection. Fixes 44993. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Fix ActionUI default behavior when excessive progression message updates can lead to a Swing exception ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.2.3 – 2019-02-26

Type Changes By
Fix Fix multiple problems in synchronization: quintuplet ignored in server side, use triggers instead. Fixes 46165. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Various enhancement in Time (local time in seconds editor) ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.2.2 – 2019-02-22

Type Changes By
Fix Fix syntax error in trigger TBIU_PMFM_QUAL_VALUE. Fixes 44563. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.2.1 – 2018-11-16

Type Changes By
Add PMFMU: add script for missing index update on MEASUREMENT_FILE. Fixes 44413. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.2.0 – 2018-11-09

Type Changes By
Add PMFMU: script to update Oracle model. Fixes 44165. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.1.23 – 2019-02-15

Type Changes By
Fix Synchro-server: hide configuration button on home page to prevent unwanted behaviors. Fixes 45816. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.1.22 – 2019-02-05

Type Changes By
Fix Compatible programs UI refactoring. Fixes 45583. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Removing one or more compatible program now ask a confirmation. Fixes 45631. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Compatible programs are sorted in config file. Fixes 45629. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Remove remoteWritableProgramsForUser cache. Fixes 45592. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.1.21 – 2019-01-25

Type Changes By
Add Model: Add TaxonGroupTypeCode enum class. Fixes 45149. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Daos and Dates utility class refactoring: change local dates and timezone handling. Fixes 44581. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Common UI: add a modified version of date picker using LocalDate model. Fixes 44581. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add new extended dao for validation history. Fixes 44300. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Reduce the first wait timeout after a import start request. Fixes 44513. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Synchro-server: Add configuration page to manage compatible programs list in configuration. Fixes 45053. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Synchro: set autocommit on temp database (performance issue found in adagio-synchro) ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.1.20 – 2019-01-11

Type Changes By
Add Use fr.ifremer.common.xmlquery that owns the shared logic ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Model: add 2 new FunctionId in enumeration : PRECONDITION_NUMERICAL and PRECONDITION_QUALITATIVE (previously PRECONDITION) ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add Factorizations utility class (from Dali) ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Jaxx css file renamed to jcss to prevent real css file type detection ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Model: Add RuleGroup (RULE_GROUP table) to group conditional rules. Fixes 45048. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.1.19 – 2018-10-17

Type Changes By
Fix Invert buttons in SynchroUI. Fixes 44008. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Don't return null on ProgramService methods. Fixes 43944. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.1.18 – 2018-10-09

Type Changes By
Fix Deffer ActionUI visibility in event queue. Fixes 43642. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.1.17 – 2018-10-02

Type Changes By
Fix Bad JDatePicker behavior fixed. Fixes 43744. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Liquibase patch added for Oracle schema 3.0.7. Fixes 42733. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.1.16 – 2018-09-27

Type Changes By
Add Use JDatePicker as default date component ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.1.15 – 2018-09-21

Type Changes By
Fix Synchro: when duplication forced, no duplicated survey imported. Fixes 43419. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Synchro-server: add SaveForbiddenException handling to specify the real problem to client. Fixes 43104. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix After a DB export, the authentication information (recorder department) is lost ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Use cleanDirectory instead of deleteDirectory to prevent IO exception ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Change behavior of JDatePanel on mouse events Bad behavior on PredicatedCellEditor always returning null value. Fixes 43551. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.1.14 – 2018-09-14

Type Changes By
Add Add STATUS_CD on RULE_LIST (fix behavior for Dali). Fixes 42327. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Remove reference to Decorator from Nuiton, prefer Decorator in quadrige3-core-shared ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Add Liquibase script on server and client sides to update comment on measurements. Fixes 43150. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Bad date picker day order. Fixes 43148. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add trigger TBIU_RULE_PMFM to check pmfm quadruplet existence. Fixes 43146. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add new FileChooserUI that inverts buttons positions regarding the OptionPane.isYesLast UIManager option. Fixes 43121. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.1.13 – 2018-07-05

Type Changes By
Add Add STATUS_CD on RULE_LIST. Fixes 42327. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add DeletedItemHistoryInterceptor: process SURVEY deletion depending on selected programs in context. Fixes 42706. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix After data export, if conflict happened and resolution is KEEP_LOCAL, nothing is done. Fixes 42694. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.1.12 – 2018-06-29

Type Changes By
Add Core-Server: add view RULE_PRECONDITIONS and change some column data type Core-Client: change some column data type UI-Common: add sort option on ExtendedBeanDoubleList. Fixes 42541. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.1.11 – 2018-06-15

Type Changes By
Fix Synchro : Use batch import on Server to Temp phase (use quadrige3.synchro.import.data.maxRootRowCount to define batch size). Fixes 42337. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Shapes Import: Enforce Integer attribute validation. Fixes 42360. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Core-server and Core-client : Add indexes on QUALIFICATION_HISTORY and VALIDATION_HISTORY Core-server and Core-client : Update performance indexes on TEMP_QUERY_PARAMETER (change columns order) ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.1.10 – 2018-06-06

Type Changes By
Fix UI updater : Allow path with whitespaces ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.1.9 – 2018-06-06

Type Changes By
Fix UI swing common : Closing application can sometimes be blocked. Fixes 42313. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.1.8 – 2018-06-05

Type Changes By
Fix UI updater : Change move file tree behavior. Fixes 42313. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.1.7 – 2018-05-24

Type Changes By
Add Liquibase: Add WSSANDRE_MON_LOC.SEA_CD and fill it. Fixes 40126. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.1.6 – 2018-05-18

Type Changes By
Add Liquibase: Add triggers for line and area geometries. Fixes 41839. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Liquibase: Add indexes on TRANSCRIBING_ITEM. Fixes 41334. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Add privilege on department when exporting data. Fixes 41596. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.1.5 – 2018-04-19

Type Changes By
Fix Liquibase patch problem for version the UPDATE statement can cause not null exception ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.1.4 – 2018-04-18

Type Changes By
Add Import shapes: Update location geometry now update survey and sampling operation inherited geometries. Fixes 41669. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Import shapes: Update log4j properties and email content. Fixes 41614,40888. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add UI-Common: Better handling of invalid mandatory identifiers in a row. Fixes 40752. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.1.3 – 2018-03-27

Type Changes By
Add Import shapes: add support for MultiPoint geometry ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Create synonym MONITORING_LOCATION_SEQ. Fixes 41066. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Upgrade hibernate-maven-plugin to 2.0.2-IFR (fix queries2doc generation for site) ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.1.2 – 2018-03-22

Type Changes By
Fix Synchro-Server: Remove old web page and too expensive service method. Fixes 41037. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix UI-Common: LoginUI constructor change to prevent bad focus behavior. Fixes 40765. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix UI-Common: TimeCellEditor: allow input hours only, and affect 0 minutes. Fixes 40981. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix UI-Common: DatePickerCellEditor2 fix problem with JXTable focus lost behavior ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.1.1 – 2018-03-09

Type Changes By
Add Updater: the update_runtime script is launched automatically ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Make configuration option quadrige3.synchro.import.tables.rules.enable persistent. Fixes 40855. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add ClientRestService : add new method to retrieve a rule list by its code ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.1.0 – 2018-02-27

Type Changes By
Add Move assembly from quadrige3-core-server to quadrige3-batches-server quadrige3-batches-server : Add import monitoring location with shapes ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add script to update validation history for BD_RECIF programs. Fixes 37797. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.0.4 – 2018-02-20

Type Changes By
Add Add import monitoring location with shapes TODO assembly. Fixes 40290. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Bas constructor parameter on ExtendedDecoratorCellRenderer. Fixes 40477. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.0.3 – 2018-02-09

Type Changes By
Add Add REST service to check data update. Fixes 40290. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Refactor Rule*Dao to handle deletes and updates Add RulePrecondition Dao Remove RULE_PARAMETER_SEQ and RULE_PMFM_SEQ (core-client). Fixes 40184. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Add sorting flag in SwingTable. Fixes 40222. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add DbManagerUI: Add a close button. Fixes 40201. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.0.2 – 2018-01-26

Type Changes By
Add Control update date on rule lists and campaigns save. Fixes 39415. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Better handling on file import when program doesn't exists. Fixes 38460. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Revert bad tooltip text handling on common UI controls. Fixes 39564. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Rules table were missing in documentation page. Fixes 39449. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Last (correct) login is stored in configuration file. Fixes 39972. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix Remove concurrency write conflict in LoginUIHandler. Fixes 39345. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.0.1 – 2018-01-12

Type Changes By
Add Add quadrige3-ui-updater module ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.0.0 – 2018-01-10

Type Changes By
Add Rename project and modules to quadrige3 ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add web site generation. Fixes 38878. benoit.lavenier@e-is.pro

Release 3.0.0-RC17 – 2018-01-10

No changes in this release.

Release 3.0.0-RC16 – 2017-12-13

Type Changes By
Add Add new synchro method to export only data to file. Fixes 39107. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add more functionality to XMLQuery engine ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Fix LoginUI constructor changes (test no blocking UI). Fixes 39345. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.0.0-RC14 – 2017-12-07

Type Changes By
Add Allow XML to read files from URL Add more functionality to XMLQuery engine ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro
Add Add performance indexes on TEMP_QUERY_PARAMETER. Fixes 39066. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro

Release 3.0.0-RC13 – 2017-12-01

Type Changes By
Add Add XML to SQL query engine. Fixes 39008. ludovic.pecquot@e-is.pro