ReefDB - Release history

Release History

Version Date Description
3.11.0 2022-05-09 Stable release
3.10.2 2022-04-01 Stable release
3.10.1 2022-03-24 Stable release
3.10.0 2022-03-03 Stable release
3.9.9 2020-04-07 Stable release
3.9.8 2020-03-30 Stable release
3.9.7 2020-03-23 Stable release
3.9.6 2020-03-06 Stable release
3.9.5 2020-03-06 Stable release
3.9.4 2020-02-27 Stable release
3.9.3 2020-02-14 Stable release
3.9.2 2020-02-05 Stable release
3.9.1 2020-01-31 Stable release
3.9.0 2020-01-24 Stable release
3.8.3 2020-02-06 Stable release
3.8.2 2020-02-05 Stable release
3.8.1 2020-01-16 Stable release
3.8.0 2020-01-10 Stable release
3.7.5 2019-10-01 Stable release
3.7.4 2019-09-18 Stable release
3.7.3 2019-09-06 Stable release
3.7.2 2019-07-25 Stable release
3.7.1 2019-07-13 Stable release
3.7.0 2019-06-28 Stable release
3.6.2 2019-06-05 Stable release
3.6.1 2019-05-29 Stable release
3.6.0 2019-05-15 Stable release
3.5.3 2019-04-05 Stable release
3.5.2 2019-02-29 Stable release
3.5.1 2019-02-26 Stable release
3.5.0 2019-02-22 Stable release
3.4.3 2019-02-15 Stable release
3.4.2 2019-02-05 Stable release
3.4.1 2019-01-25 Stable release
3.4.0 2019-01-11 Stable release
3.3.4 2018-10-29 Stable release
3.3.3 2018-10-24 Stable release
3.3.2 2018-10-10 Stable release
3.3.1 2018-09-27 Stable release
3.3.0 2018-07-05 Stable release
3.2.2 2018-06-06 Stable release
3.2.1 2018-06-05 Stable release
3.2.0 2018-06-01 Stable release
3.1.0 2018-05-18 Stable release
3.0.4 2018-04-19 Stable release
3.0.3 2018-03-21 Stable release
3.0.2 2018-03-09 Stable release
3.0.1 2018-02-27 Stable release
3.0.0 2018-02-09 Stable release
2.8.1 2018-01-15 Stable release
2.7.6 2017-12-31 Stable release
2.7.5 2017-11-22 Stable release
2.7.4 2017-11-14 Stable release

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Release 3.11.0 – 2022-05-09

Type Changes By
Add Various enhancements from Quadmire evolutions

Release 3.10.2 – 2022-04-01

Type Changes By
Fix Reload UI when import done. Fixes 58243,58244.

Release 3.10.1 – 2022-03-24

Type Changes By
Add Upgrade quadrige3-core to version 3.7.7

Release 3.10.0 – 2022-03-03

Type Changes By
Add Upgrade quadrige3-core to version 3.7.6. Fixes 55336,57695.

Release 3.9.9 – 2020-04-07

Type Changes By
Fix Grouped measurements: automatic calculation and saving into parent beans has been replaced by unique function executed at observation saving. Fixes 51725,51737.
Fix PIT protocol: section calculation fixed. Fixes 51710.
Fix Upgrade quadrige3-core to version 3.6.14. Fixes 51731.

Release 3.9.8 – 2020-03-30

Type Changes By
Fix Regression of #51520: Postpone calculation also if no row sorting. Fixes 51586.

Release 3.9.7 – 2020-03-23

Type Changes By
Fix Rework the calculation of individual ids on grouped measurements, now use table sorting if possible. Fixes 51520.
Add Upgrade quadrige3-core to version 3.6.13

Release 3.9.6 – 2020-03-06

Type Changes By
Fix Upgrade quadrige3-core to version 3.6.11. Fixes 51385.

Release 3.9.5 – 2020-03-06

Type Changes By
Fix Extraction: delete empty file when no data to extract. Fixes 51225.
Add Extraction: hide import and export filter buttons. Fixes 51226.
Fix Rules: auto loading of single selection reworked. Fixes 51270.
Extraction: use specific function for MEAS_QUAL_FLAG_NM and MEAS_QUALIF_CM to get unique value or a default value if not unique. Fixes 51297.

Release 3.9.4 – 2020-02-27

Type Changes By
Fix RulePrecondQualUIHandler: adjust preconditioned qualitative values double list size. Fixes 51128.
Fix Report of issue #50455. Fixes 51101.
Add Change reefdb.transcribingItemType.label.pmfmExtraction default value to REEFDB-PMFM-EXTRACT.PMFM_NM. Fixes 51223.
Fix Upgrade quadrige3-core to version 3.6.10. Fixes 51224.
Fix Extraction: use measurements REMOTE_ID instead of local id. Fixes 51233.

Release 3.9.3 – 2020-02-14

Type Changes By
Fix Change reefdb.transcribingItemType.label.pmfmExtraction default value to REEFDB-PMFM-EXTRACTION.PMFM_NM. Fixes 51015.
Add Photo import can select multiple files. Fixes 50115.
Fix Extraction: fix createCommonTable query. Fixes 50996.
Fix Observation save: Postpone model modify state. Fixes 50915.

Release 3.9.2 – 2020-02-05

Type Changes By
Add New extraction perform service using xmlQuery (version 1.1+). Fixes 49970.
Add Pmfmu labels are transcribed with specific label for extraction, if exists, or with "screen" label. Fixes 50725.
Fix DuplicateSurveyAction: postpone duplicate line insertion in Swing thread. Fixes 50685.
Fix Empty result won't crash on referential search. Fixes 50762.
Fix MultiEdit: sampling operation is detected correctly and pmfm ids for transition length calculated are read-only. Fixes 50815.

Release 3.9.1 – 2020-01-31

Type Changes By
Fix Change EIS nexus url
Add Add multiline edition dialog for survey's and operation's grouped measurement tables. Fixes 49615.
Fix RuleControl: The model can be valid if control is valid. Fixes 50538.

Release 3.9.0 – 2020-01-24

Type Changes By
Fix Opening qualitative values modal from PMFMU will now load correctly the qualitative values from selected parameter. Fixes 49916,49708.
Fix Delete a rule list which is selected in selection combobox will be removed before reload. Fixes 50537.
Fix Recompute rows valid state when a sampling operation is removed. Fixes 33741.
Fix HomeUI: default program filter now includes local programs. Fixes 49917.
Fix Update title on context change Taxon group and taxon filters in measurement screens are initialized once and avoid circular effect. Fixes 49551.
Fix Don't force the analyst column at the last column. Fixes 49537.
Fix ControlRuleTable: Stop table edition to avoid rendering exception. Fixes 49268.
Fix ImportSynchroAction: If user cancel the program selection, then cancel synchro. Fixes 46164.
Fix Set default pmfm column min width. Fixes 50452.
Add DuplicateSurveyAction: Change message and buttons. Fixes 50011.
Fix RuleControl: The model can be valid if control is valid For now, only HomeUI is done... Fixes 50538.

Release 3.8.3 – 2020-02-06

Type Changes By
Fix Upgrade quadrige3-core version Fixes 50884.

Release 3.8.2 – 2020-02-05

Type Changes By
Fix Upgrade quadrige3-core version Fixes 50884.

Release 3.8.1 – 2020-01-16

Type Changes By
Fix Fix SamplingOperationDTO.individualCount type (Double to Integer) Exceptions thrown in SwingWorkers are now caught. Fixes 50418.
Fix Fix contiguous sampling operation's transition check in grid initialisation. Fixes 50450.

Release 3.8.0 – 2020-01-10

Type Changes By
Fix Cache rebuild after a referential import is now performed correctly. Fixes 49361.
Fix Default analyst is now set after grid initialization. Fixes 49331.
Fix Detection of perfect duplicates in grid algorithm reworked for performance. Fixes 50040.
Add Grid initialization is now capable to resume a previous initialization. Fixes 50045.

Release 3.7.5 – 2019-10-01

Type Changes By
Add Change import/export file type for contexts and filters for better compatibility and file size. Fixes 43800.
Add ReefDb-Converter : separated module for converting contexts/filters file from old version of Dali to new file type. Fixes 48940.

Release 3.7.4 – 2019-09-18

Type Changes By
Add Remove the 's' of PMFMUs or PSFMUs. Fixes 48836.
Fix Reset synchro widget after checking server availability. Fixes 48832.
Fix PhotoUI: change controls state update. Fixes 48828.
Fix Hide Language menu item (no translation available). Fixes 48927.
Add Remove SISMER link. Fixes 48958.
Fix Filter on campaigns was not fully handled. Fixes 48948.

Release 3.7.3 – 2019-09-06

Type Changes By
Add Minor cosmetic changes. Fixes 48001.
Add Stop using OLD directory to keep old versions of modules. Fixes 48427.
Fix PMFMU menus were not correctly configured for national and local referential. Fixes 48500.
Fix Change measurements fullscreen button. Fixes 48592.
Add Change behavior of Programs, Campaigns and Rule Lists screens when synchro server is unavailable. Fixes 48600.
Add Add photo synchronisation. Fixes 47995.
Add Refactor photos UI. Fixes 48755.
Add Move comment editor to quadrige3-ui-swing-common

Release 3.7.2 – 2019-07-25

Type Changes By
Fix Change default columns order to set program before depth. Fixes 48308.
Fix Fix login 'enter' key behavior. Fixes 48304.
Fix The login 'enter' key behavior was propagated to other components. Fixes 48378.
Fix Wrong access to parent handler when measurements table is full screen. Fixes 48309.

Release 3.7.1 – 2019-07-13

Type Changes By
Add Renaming PMFM (PSFM) to PMFMU (PSFMU). Fixes 48009.
Add Warn user correctly when synchro server is unavailable on opening programs or rule lists UI, and before saving changes. Fixes 48002.
Fix Fix alphanumerical comparison, now it allows infinite number of numerical pattens and alphabetical suffixes. Fixes 48000.
Fix Saving remote referential now checks server availability in all conditions. Fixes 47999.
Add In programs and rule lists UIs, opening the 'add' elements screen now open the generic SelectFilterUI (instead of specific UI), and show already selected elements but not removable. Fixes 47998.
Add Add analyst column on surveys table and initialize it with analyst department from strategy, manage it as mandatory column if a depth value is set. Fixes 47991.
Add The survey's and sampling operation's measurements table can be set as full screen. Fixes 47997.
Add Add control on modify/delete a applied period and throw specific exception when attached data are attached to the period (locally and remotely). Fixes 45902.
Add Add unit in pmfmu referential selection screen. Fixes 47629.
Add Add current configuration options on About UI. Fixes 47630.
Fix Try to deleting a forbidden campaign will not remove the line. Fixes 48115.
Fix Restore transition calculator after save. Fixes 48255.
Add Use the new quadrige3-ui-core-common module with many model refactoring

Release 3.7.0 – 2019-06-28

Type Changes By
Fix Disable buttons on grouped measurement tables if no pmfm in strategy. Fixes 47951.
Add Add new option in measurements grid initialisation for contiguous sampling operations. Fixes 47949.
Fix Enable measurement grid initialisation button even if no row. Fixes 48032.
Add Add campaign administration screen, add combos in home and survey details. Fixes 47947.
Add Many refactorings coming from Dali (AbstractSaveAction, add comment column, check update referential, photo UI, mass renaming of French terms)

Release 3.6.2 – 2019-06-05

Type Changes By
Fix Use hermetic programs correctly in extraction. Fixes 47660.

Release 3.6.1 – 2019-05-29

Type Changes By
Fix Synchro optimization patch regression fix (in quadrige3-core 3.3.5). Fixes 47548.

Release 3.6.0 – 2019-05-15

Type Changes By
Add Migration to GitLab Adapt code to use quadrige3-core-3.3.3 RELEASE_NOTES.txt moved and renamed
Add Add icon on StateValues. Fixes 47250.
Add Survey duplication now can duplicate survey ungrouped measurements. Fixes 47249.
Add Create sampling operations wizard can handle a specified label prefix. Fixes 47245.
Add Use a alphanumeric comparator to handle better ergonomic sort of labels in tables. Fixes 47377.
Add Add pmfmId column (hidden by default) in programs, rules, filters screens. Fixes 46383.
Add Warn the user when enter programs or rules UI if there is referential update. Fixes 47231.
Add Add action and components to show row number of a table. Fixes 47265.
Add Change behavior of taxon filtering on extraction. Fixes 46397.
Fix Save and restore name and comment from home UI to saved filter. Fixes 46305.
Fix Change preconditioned control rule message when invalid. Fixes 46393.
Fix HomeUI: Keep the forceNoFilter flag on each row to avoid loose the unfiltered value. Fixes 46727.
Fix Fix behavior when restoring session state of a table, the target column position is now processed in correct order. Fixes 46662.
Fix Fix removing extraction date rows. Fixes 46661.
Fix Add validation error message if rule description or message are too long. Fixes 47398.
Fix Fix bad behavior on RulesUI when a rule list is selected in selection combobox. Fixes 47411.
Fix The show/hide row numbers action is set by default. Fixes 47376.
Add ReefDbTableSessionState is now just a sub-class of SwingTableSessionState

Release 3.5.3 – 2019-04-05

Type Changes By
Add Upgrade quadrige3-core to 3.3.0 to fix Mantis #46826 and #46856
Fix Program service refactored to reflect changes on Dali. Fixes 46830.

Release 3.5.2 – 2019-02-29

Type Changes By
Fix The unit of RulePmfm was not saved. Fixes 46599.
Fix Reset the newCode flag in service was not enough, reset also in actual table rows. Fixes 46446.
Fix Fix bad behavior on an modified survey when selecting another survey. Fixes 46659.
Fix Import data from a new compatible program don't throw exception anymore as the new program is also imported. Fixes 45818.
Fix No program is removed after database import or restore, compatible programs are always imported. Fixes 46407.
Fix Remove default value of option reefdb.persistence.db.timezone because it happened that applicationConfig remove it since ${user.timezone} = Europe/Paris. Fixes 46461.
Fix The geometry of survey was not copied to the sampling operation if changed. Fixes 46725.
Fix Clear preconditions when the pmfms or the function are not valid. Fixes 46663.

Release 3.5.1 – 2019-02-26

Type Changes By
Fix Fix synchronization problem with PMFMU. Fixes 46165.

Release 3.5.0 – 2019-02-22

Type Changes By
Add upgrade quadrige3-core to 3.2.2 : migrate model to manage PMFMU. Fixes 45005.

Release 3.4.3 – 2019-02-15

Type Changes By
Fix Add the operation depth unit when a depth, min depth or max depth is input. Fixes 45752.
Fix When multiple pmfm triplets for the section length calculation are in configuration, only the first one was used. Fixes 45879.
Fix Change the behavior of saving rules when the function changes. Fixes 45919.
Fix Duplicate a strategy was not reliable since the auto selection of program. Fixes 45873.

Release 3.4.2 – 2019-02-05

Type Changes By
Fix Operation size value can have 7 decimals, size unit is mandatory if size value is set. Fixes 45536.
Add the 3 options PMFM_ID_TRANSITION_LENGTH, PMFM_ID_START_POSITION and PMFM_ID_END_POSITION are replaced by PMFM_IDS_TRANSITION_LENGTH which is the triplet values. Fixes 45644.
Fix Remove remoteWritableProgramsForUser cache. Fixes 45592.
Fix Taxon name fixed in UI. Fixes 45618.
Fix Changing control rule with PMFM won't remove PMFM. Fixes 45625.
Fix Precondition errors are now unique. Fixes 45584.

Release 3.4.1 – 2019-01-25

Type Changes By
Fix Better local dates handling, mainly fixed by using java.time.LocalDate Date only data (like applied periods) are correctly get/set with database timezone. Fixes 44581.
Fix On survey validation, the previous comment is retrieved from VALIDATION_HISTORY table. Fixes 44300.
Add Taxon groups are filtered by 'Identification' type only. Fixes 45149.
Fix The cache 'taxon_name_by_taxon_group_id' now use a LocalDate and is refresh every day. Fixes 45383,45397.
Add Add the taxon citation on every taxon name. Fixes 45051.
Fix Delete obsolete control rules (ex: a standard rule isEmpty is changed to a precondition rule, the first rule must be delete). Fixes 45374.
Add on Rules UI, add a selection criteria on controlled program. Fixes 44572.
Fix Fix Control rule bad behavior after deselection. Fixes 45309.
Fix Fix Control rule duplication. Fixes 45306.

Release 3.4.0 – 2019-01-11

Type Changes By
Fix Fix bad code length validation. Fixes 44571.
Fix Duplicate a grouped measurements row will copy analyst also. Fixes 45054.
Add Add a new control rule function: link between 2 qualitative pmfm In a grouped measurements row, apply the qualitative value preconditions (from Dali). Fixes 45044.
Add Add a new control rule function: link between a qualitative pmfm and a numerical pmfm In a grouped measurements row, apply the qualitative/numerical value preconditions. Fixes 45046.
Add Jaxx css file renamed to jcss to prevent real css file type detection Some refactoring and bug fixes
Add Analyst in measurements in mandatory. Fixes 42619.
Add Link between taxon groups and taxons are calculated at input date, not at survey date. Fixes 45148.
Add Add the export to CSV action to all referential tables. Fixes 45050.
Add Add a new control rule to check a value is not empty on 3 type of data: taxon group, taxon and pmfm value. Fixes 45048.

Release 3.3.4 – 2018-10-29

Type Changes By
Fix Remove double reload of RulesUI after save. Fixes 44188.

Release 3.3.3 – 2018-10-24

Type Changes By
Add Invert buttons in SynchroUI (from quadrige3-core 3.1.19). Fixes 44009.
Fix Don't return null on ProgramService methods (from quadrige3-core 3.1.19). Fixes 44031.
Add Change relations between taxons and taxon groups using the survey date Enhance the taxons and taxon groups cache loading. Fixes 43919.

Release 3.3.2 – 2018-10-10

Type Changes By
Fix Better Rules UI layout. Fixes 43729.
Fix Add mandatory values check in control rules UI. Fixes 43758.
Fix Add min-max values check in control rules UI. Fixes 43743.
Fix A duplicated rule list keep the local flag, it can not be changed anymore Better rule list and rule code duplicates check with insensitive case. Fixes 43754.
Add Add previous quality flag on survey unvalidation. Fixes 43824.

Release 3.3.1 – 2018-09-27

Type Changes By
Add Set UIManager option : OptionPane.isYesLast to invert dialogs buttons order Use new FileChooserUI that inverts buttons positions regarding the OptionPane.isYesLast UIManager option. Fixes 43543.
Fix Change site url. Fixes 43116.
Fix Controlled programs must be managed programs. Fixes 43106.
Add The department list is mandatory in rule list. Fixes 43099.
Add i18n fixes. Fixes 42865.
Add Use JDatePicker as default date component. Fixes 43639.
Add Bad date picker component used in rule list table. Fixes 43629.
Fix Remove default option quadrige3.synchro.import.tables.rules.enable=false in embedded reefdb.config file. Fixes 43102.
Add Auto search action on single result criteria (entity combobox) and select the element in the table. Fixes 43108.
Add Bad usage of a read only rule list
Fix Catch correctly the SaveForbiddenException on programs and rule lists save actions. Fixes 43643.
Add Make monitoring locations and coordinates caches faster
Fix Change behavior of applied strategies UI to perform a good deletion of applied period. Fixes 43233.

Release 3.3.0 – 2018-07-05

Type Changes By
Add Add national rule lists management. Fixes 42327.
Add Add message if no data is exported to file. Fixes 42577.
Add Add department hermetic filtering on survey load. Fixes 42580.
Add First recorder of data must still the same. No update allowed. Fixes 42615.
Fix After data export, if conflict happened and resolution is KEEP_LOCAL, nothing is done. Fixes 42694.
Fix process SURVEY deletion depending on selected programs in context. Fixes 42706.
Fix Remove bad default analyst set on some measurement. Fixes 42766.
Add Minor change in program management UI. Fixes 42568.

Release 3.2.2 – 2018-06-06

Type Changes By
Fix UI swing common : Closing application can sometimes be blocked. Fixes 42313.
Fix UI updater : Allow path with whitespaces. Fixes 42374.

Release 3.2.1 – 2018-06-05

Type Changes By
Fix [UI-Updater] Change move file tree behavior (from quadrige3-core 3.1.8). Fixes 42313.

Release 3.2.0 – 2018-06-01

Type Changes By
Fix Bad class cast in ImportFromFileSynchroAction. Fixes 42168.
Fix individual measurements : bad behavior on checking measurements duplicates. Fixes 42170.
Fix Improves surveys validation and unvalidation process + enhancements in save and control actions. Fixes 42154.

Release 3.1.0 – 2018-05-18

Type Changes By
Fix Read survey date correctly with DB timezone. Fixes 41597.
Fix Prevent NPE on non existing measurement (imported from another source). Fixes 42025.

Release 3.0.4 – 2018-04-19

Type Changes By
Fix Update quadrige3-core version to 3.1.5 to fix Liquibase patch problem

Release 3.0.3 – 2018-03-21

Type Changes By
Fix Old quadrige2.enumeration.* options are now removed from config file. Fixes 41072.
Fix Surveys table: add validation comment read-only property. Fixes 41057.

Release 3.0.2 – 2018-03-09

Type Changes By
Fix Add more backward compatibility in configuration options. Fixes 40872.
Fix Add a database name migration if old version 'quadrige2' db is imported or installed. Fixes 40873.
Fix The quadrige3.synchro.import.tables.rules.enable option is now persisted correctly (quadrige3-synchro-server 3.1.1). Fixes 40855.

Release 3.0.1 – 2018-02-27

Type Changes By
Fix Add configuration backward compatibility for reefdb version < 3.0. Fixes 40599.
Fix Taking out obsolete taxon on a query. Fixes 40607.

Release 3.0.0 – 2018-02-09

Type Changes By
Add Use Quadrige-Core 3.0.3 as common trunk (shared with Dali). Fixes 38465.
Fix Secure external extraction file name. Fixes 40218.
Fix Better use of taxon names cache. Fixes 40203.
Fix Local taxon name was not detected. Fixes 40008.
Add Validation and unvalidation process now use new VALIDATION_HISTORY table. Fixes 37797.

Release 2.8.1 – 2018-01-15

Type Changes By
Fix Référentiel > Le remplacement d'un taxon local fraichement créé provoque une erreur NPE. Fixes 39754.
Fix Importer les données > Le message de fin de synchro réussie s'affiche trop tôt. Fixes 39620.

Release 2.7.6 – 2017-12-31

Type Changes By
Fix Référentiel > Le remplacement d'un taxon local empêche la création d'un nouveau taxon local. Fixes 39386.
Fix Exporter les données > message d'erreur de la synchronisation serveur non affichée côté client. Fixes 39388.
Fix Exporter les données > Message NullPointException. Fixes 39390.

Release 2.7.5 – 2017-11-22

Type Changes By
Fix Remove bad precondition in detection of pmfm for grid initialization. Fixes 39038.
Fix Bad SQL fixed for duplicates detection for SURVEY. Fixes 39013.

Release 2.7.4 – 2017-11-14

Type Changes By
Fix Use database timezone for dates, in local database. Fixes 38465.