Quick Start user’s guide for SUMARiS web entry software

Title: Quick Start user’s guide for SUMARiS web entry software

Author: E-IS

Date: October 19, 2019

Copyright: ”Quick Start user’s guide for SUMARiS web entry software” by SUMARiS is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Table of contents

Quality control

Controling a sample of input forms is important to control how it matches with the declared value: Each one has to control on his own side because it’s the first phase of the validation.

Selecting 10% of the total data entered, and then verify the entry. If an error is found, please correct these data and then randomly pull an additional form for control. If there are no errors on the record, continue the entry.

Interpretation of the information th at fail to fulfil the way to complete the forms: Sometimes information does not comply with the protocol’s recommendations and requires interpretation in order to be entered.

For example, the listed target species is a commercial species (sole SOL) and not one of the 18 pre- defined groups on page 4 of the forms corresponding to European categories for level 5 métiers. The data grabber considers the sole SOL like a " demersal fish” DEF and proceed to the correction on the forms.

These checks can be done before the entry. They speed up the entry time.

Input controls available in the input tool: Some controls are already automatic. Others will be added in future versions. - Control of the start and end date of trip: an end date can never be more recent than a start trip date. - Control the start and end dates of a fishing operation: idem - Control of Date/Time Format: Hours are limited by entries from 00 to 23h. Minutes are limited by entries from 00 to 59 minutes. Days cannot exceed 31 days and 12 months, for months. - Control of minimum and maximum values for specific fields. - Control over the number of decimals allowed.

Comments: Comment on any information that cannot be entered, such as the details of the target species for example, to ensure that no information is lost. If a comment is present in a trip or fishing operation, the following symbol is visible: